The Devil's Philosophy

So, you want to know how The Devil thinks? Well, this is the place, at least if you want to know how he thinks with regard to film (I should say, "how I think with regard to film). There's two things you should know before reading my reviews: 1—What standard is The Devil using to evaluate movies, and, since part of the answer has to do with sin, 2—What does The Devil mean by "sin."

1—The Devil's Rating Standards

When The Devil starts reviewing films, I figure you could use a little information, like why and how. The why is simple. I'm The Devil. I am the creator of art. That shouldn't be a shock. Everyone knows Rock-n-Roll is mine. It shouldn't be a stretch to work out that symphonic music and jazz are mine as well. Just follow the path. Painting is mine. So is sculpture, literature, theater, and finally, film. So who is going to be better reviewing movies than the person who created the art form? Read more.

2—The Devil and The Nine Vital Sins

Life is all about sin. Joy comes from sinning. And I am the source of sin. Well, more or less. Of course some of you are saying to yourself, “Sin is evil. Sin causes pain.” Well, you’re wrong. Evil is something you do to others. Sin is what you do to yourself. Torture, maiming, and repression are evil. None of those have anything to do with sin. Or with me. Those are the actions of humans, and you really need to cut it out. As for sin, well, Read More.