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One of a flood of narrow softcore movies that have been released on home video and on late night cable, Voyeurs Sex Club delivers exactly what it promises, and nothing more. If what you want is attractive nude women and men, pretending to have couples sex, without any explicit shots, then this movie will do as well as many others, though not better. You don't watch this film.  Unless you are a thirteen-year-old boy without access to real porn, you don't even masturbate to it. This is non-threatening flesh to set the mood for you and a significant other. You put it on for atmosphere as the two of you make you're own fun. If there are three or more of you or your game-play involves whips and a sex chair, this flick is way too tame.

Nikki Fritz
(promotional photo)

The plot, if it deserves that name, has some friends meeting to share their hobby:  They peep on people having sex and take still photos. Whoever has the best story to go with his or her pictures gets to choose the rules for the next round of voyeurism. Most of the film is one club member after another setting up the coupling they saw and then we're shown the two people grinding away.  The only breaks from this formula are when two of the main characters strip down (in privacy—no group sex here) and jump on each other.  This happens repeatedly. There's also two short lesbian scenes and one short three-way.

The sex is more-often-than-not believable, with implied body-parts thrusting in approximately the correct location.  There's a few "hey, doesn't that mean her vagina is somewhere on her thigh" moments, not uncommon in softcore, but since you shouldn't be watching that carefully, you probably won't notice.

Jezebelle Bond
(promotional photo)

The cast is made up of pretty people who will never be asked to perform Hamlet. The guys are good-looking, though chances are you won't be able to tell them apart. The main three girls, all brunettes, are easier to remember. Nikki Fritz and Gina Ryder are queens of Skinimax, with a huge number of similar titles on their resume. Fritz will keep your attention with huge breasts that wobble-to-and-fro. I'm partial to the slightly goth Jezebelle Bond. She's done better work, and dabbles in hardcore, but she's quite desirable here. She can take The Devil's breath away.

Shot cheaply on video, Voyeurs Sex Club doesn't stand out from its competitors. If you don't already own several similar movies, this might be the ticket, but don't strain yourself looking for this specific title. 

Sins (What does this mean?)

Pride Nada.
Sloth Nada.
Avarice Nada.
Gluttony Nada.
Aesthetics Pretty much you have naked bodies, though the grounds of the estate is quite nice.
Surrogate Cruelty Nada.
Thought Nada.
Humor Nada.
Lust 11 heterosexual couples sex scenes.
2 lesbian couples sex scenes.
1 Threesome.
Some of the scenes last only seconds; others are quite lengthy.
Everyone strips down and all are pleasant to look at, but while you'll see pubic hair, both male and female genitals are always blocked from view. 


Buy It or Not

The Devil's suppliers are currently out of stock on this one, as is everyone else. However, if you live in Mexico, you can rent if from Blockbuster.

Film Info

Directed by: B.R. Lewis

Written by: Edward Gorsuch, April White

Starring: Jezebelle Bond, Nikki Fritz, Gina Ryder, Jonathan Gray, Edward Johnson,

Runtime: 70 min





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