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A coven at a rich country estate that celebrates the sabbot by rubbing oil over the bodies of hot girls and then fucking on an altar—These people get me.  Yes, that's how to live, and how to celebrate me.  Sounds like this is a great movie, and one that shines a light on yours truly. Looks can be deceiving. It isn't, and it doesn't. It's clever and twisted and just what you need when looking for a witch, but it isn't the classic is should have been.

The basics are here: witchcraft, mystery, and lots of nudity. Sisters Ann and Vicki Michelle play sisters Christine and Betty, and both strip down. Hey, is there anyone who doesn't love shapely, bare-fleshed siblings? I sure do, and from the sales of Playboy's special sisters editions, it's clear it's a craze. To go with the magic and flesh, there's a plot. Damn, I love the Brits! 

Sister #1 Displays her skills

The two girls are fresh out of a repressive family and off to London to find their fortune. Christine, for obvious reasons, thinks she has a future in modeling. She lucks out when an interview with industry big-wig Sybil Waite—who wears bull-dyke as a badge of honor—gets her a gig in the country, and she brings along her little sister to keep Betty away from the questionable man they just met.  Sybil's keen to get some good shots of Christine, but her real motivation for the country escape is two fold: bed the hot babe and induct her into their coven.  The local witches are all peaceful pagan types (except Sybil who's rather testy) without a lick of power. However, Christine isn't a poser. She wants to be a witch and has latent energy ready to explode. Is it a clever idea for the powerless leader of a powerless gang, who's quite happy with the status quo, to bring in a girl with an atom bomb?

Sister #2 relaxing after being frightened by a teddy bear

Virgin Witch has that '70s swinger-vibe that I love so. It could be taken as a metaphor for open marriages/free love—and the associated trials and tribulations—if you are in a symbolic mood. The nudity is plentiful, with Ann's nipples more out than in, but none of it is in the exhibitionist style common in recent softcore.  It's all treated naturally and the girls put in little effort giving us the best viewing angle or hiding anything.  They're just naked.  As such, don't look for a lot of erotic buildup. This is innocent flesh.

For the first third, the plot is thin.  There's some talking, some walking around the grounds, and quite a bit of Christine posing.  There's also a jack-ass boyfriend who takes time out to listen to his girlfriend's torch song at a local club before running off to get his grubby paws on Betty. Once witchcraft is brought to the front, the story zings along, with Christine and Betty now disrobing for the sake of religion and everyone else joining in. It never gets scary (I don't find witches frightening, just cute, but then I live in a pit of fire, so I could be a bad judge) and shouldn't be viewed as a horror film.  Think of it as a light fantasy, with tits.

It's important to anoint the breasts in any ritual

Perhaps the oddest element of Virgin Witch his its refusal to take sides. There's a struggle for leadership, but no one is ever painted as the villain or hero. Christine is smart and pleasant, but can be ruthless.  Betty is a dim, weak-willed, fluffy bunny. Sybil is bitchy and manipulative, but never does anything particularly dastardly.  Gerald (the rich head of the cult) is kind and gentle but lacks ambition and foresight.  Peter, the photographer, is just a dweeb.  Which leaves boyfriend Johnny, who is obnoxious in almost every way, yet is attempting to be Betty's savior. I side with Christine, because I like sexy and intelligent women, not because she's right or should win.

Virgin Witch is a movie of the early '70s. It could never be made today, and no one would try. Its charms will be lost on many, but if you like a mystery with your T&A, and prefer gentle to gritty, you'll be happy to add Ann & Vicki to your shelf.

Sins (What does this mean?)

Pride It's all about liking yourself.  Christine does, and it makes her impressive in many ways.
Sloth Betty isn't exactly a workaholic, though that shouldn't be persuasive either way.  Gerald, owner of the estate, takes it easy as well and has a pretty good life.
Avarice Riches mean a nice estate in the beautiful English countryside, and plenty of time to pursue your interests in having sex with girls at initiation ceremonies.
Gluttony The food and drink are good, but not the focus of attention.
Aesthetics The sisters are gorgeous.
Surrogate Cruelty Sybil Waite gets nasty and it doesn't work out well for her.  I'd have liked to have seen a few others stomped, like Johnny.
Thought The film dances around questions of how to live, what's important, and what one should and shouldn't fear, but never properly tangles with them.  It can give you the topics for some good discussions, but it doesn't supply the contents.
Humor Plenty of moments made be smile, but don't expect jokes.
Lust Look at Ann and choose your body parts: breasts or eyes.  They're spectacular.  She's fully nude occasionally and topless frequently and she's a joy to see.  Sister Vicki also shows us what's she's got, though not as often.  There are a couple sex scenes, but they tend to be brief, dark, and filmed at odd angles.  Be happy with a fully lit and very perky Ann, eating an apple.


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Film Info

Directed by: Ray Austin

Written by: Klaus Vogal aka Beryl Vertue

Produced by: Ralph Solomans aka Kent Walton & Hazel Adair

Starring: Sisters Ann Michelle & Vicki Michelle, Patricia Haines, Neil Hallett, Keith Buckley, James Chase

Runtime: 88 min





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