Damian: Omen II

The Devil Says

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All right, I need a lawyer. This whole film is libelous. And since there is speaking, I should be able to sue for slander too. Let me tell you, you really don’t want to lose a court case with me.

The defamation starts with a carryover from The Omen, suggesting that I have an illegitimate son and that I have abandoned him. Now, with his adoptive parents dead, he’s been passed on to his “dad’s” brother, again, without any input or interest from me. Does it occur to any of these people that my lack of intervention is due to the fact that the kid isn’t mine! No. Anyway, seven years pass, and Damian (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) has grown into a teenaged Antichrist and sent to military school. (Would I allow a child of mine to be educated at a military school? Not a chance.) In the mean time, Richard Thorn (William Holden), adoptive Dad 2, and his wife (Lee Grant), co-workers, friends, etc. do their best to recreate the first film. Along the way they are threatened, and sometimes killed, by crows. Crows! Really. What does that do to my image? As if I would send a mangy, squawking bird to carry out my will. Hell, some people think I am supposed to be the crow. If that isn’t libel, I don’t know what is.

Factual inaccuracies aside, Damian: Omen II is mildly entertaining. It suffers from a sequel’s tendency to be nothing but a weak reflection of the original.  Luckily, The Omen was good enough that even a washed-out version is an acceptable way to spend an hour and a half, at least if it is free and you have nothing else to do.

For a film about my supposed son, there’s not much sinning going on. No one seems to ever sleep with anyone. No one is keen on food or just laying about watching TV. There isn’t a single joke, beauty is hard to find, and there’s nothing to think about. Everyone is rich, so I suppose there’s some implied greed (but that’s pushing it), and Damian shows signs of pride, but it’s rebuked. A few people die, with PG level gore (although the rating is R). I guess that’s something.

Sins (What does this mean?)

Pride Nothing.
Sloth Nothing.
Avarice Nothing.
Gluttony Nothing.
Aesthetics Nothing.
Surrogate Cruelty Death by cave-in, death by crow (yes, by crow), death by truck after crow attack, death by drowning, death by poison, death by elevator cable, death by being looked at funny, death by colliding railroad cars, death by daggers, death by conflagration.
Thought Nothing.
Humor Nothing.
Lust Nothing.

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Film Info

Producer: Harvey Bernhard

Director: Don Taylor

Writers: Harvey Bernhard, Stanley Mann, Michael Hodges

Composer: Jerry Goldsmith

Cast: William Holden, Lee Grant, Jonathan Scott-Taylor, Robert Foxworth, Nicholas Pryor, Lew Ayres, Sylvia Sidney, Lance Henriksenki

Runtime: 107 min




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