Busty Neighbors

The Devil Says

See It

(Oh Hell, why not?)

Reasonably shot, acceptably acted, and filled with exceptionally attractive naked flesh, the question is: Who is Busty Neighbors for? 

It's another softcore clip show.  Couples, most of whom get less of an introduction than the guy in the car next to you at a stop light, appear in an unknown room, have faux-sex, with hands, vases, or handy linens blocking genitals from sight, and then are gone.  Sometimes they reappear for another quick session; sometimes not. 

Mmonique Alexander
Any questions?

The framing story has Sarah and her boyfriend Matt house-sitting for Sarah's absent mother.  The place is a mansion and Sarah's  excited at the notion of having sex in all that splendor.  Her enthusiasm is dimmed by the appearance of her step-brother Luke, who's also there to house-sit with his girlfriend Kendra.  The non-blood siblings are hostile and it doesn't take The Devil to figure out that they'd had a sexual relationship in the past.  That's it.  That's the whole story. 

Most of the screen time is taken up by a series of unrelated vignettes. One of the four framing characters will bring up some sexual gossip, and then we get a clip.

"Hey honey, you remember your classmate Kate? Well, she was mad at her boyfriend one night and picked up a rich guy at a bar."  Cue clip.

There are eighteen sexual scenes (I say "sexual" instead of "sex" since in one they never get past stripping).  Of these, three belong to the framing story and the rest are plucked from other movies (although unless you own a distribution company, you're unlikely to recognize the sources).  Most of these are quite short, with no buildup (they're already pretending to have sex when the clip starts) and a surprising percentage of the time, no climax.  They try and make up for that with exceptionally high levels of female moaning throughout. The males, on the other hand, never make a sound. Ah, what a stoic gender.  If it helps (and yes, it helps a lot), all of these unknown couples are made up of beautiful folks: buff guys and sizzling hot gals.

One of the few scenes shot for this movie

Which brings us back to: Who is this movie for?  It's too plot-less for couples and too subdued for male masturbators.  The women are the focus of every sex scene, so that leaves out heterosexual females, and the sex is always between a man and a woman, so we lose the homosexual crowd there.  What's left?  Seems all Busty Neighbors is good for is to act as background while you fuck your non-same-sex partner.  That's fine, but then you need to own this so you can toss it on at the appropriate time, and it's not available for purchase; it's a late-night cable flick. 

All that sounds like I ought to forget about this film, even if it has some pleasant guitar music behind the moaning.  But I'm not going to.  Why?  Monique Alexander.  She's stunning.  Yeah, her acting is so-so, but you won't notice.  She's the girl next door if you live next to the Playboy mansion.  She' looks natural, yet oozes eroticism.  Hey, just check the first two pictures.

Nice pillars

Keith Phillips and Courtney Simpson don't do badly either.  Phillips actually has the type of charm that should get him cast in mainstream romantic comedies.  With the addition of his less-mainstream qualifications, he's an excellent softcore leading man.  Simpson, who spends most of her time in the hardcore side of the business, also has charm to burn and a slender, natural body that is hard to resist.

Are those three exciting enough to set Busty Neighbors ahead of the pack of generic clip flicks?  Yup.  Not by a lot, but by enough.  

Sins (What does this mean?)

Pride Nada.
Sloth Nope.  No one here sleeps.
Avarice It's nice to have a house with pillars.
Gluttony Nada.
Aesthetics Nice mansion.  Even nicer naked bodies.  Monique Alexander, she's a work of art.
Surrogate Cruelty Nada.
Thought Nada.
Humor Nada.
Lust Yeah, Lust is the point.  Plenty of naked lasses putting out for six-pack dudes.  It's all about the sex, and there's lots, and it looks good.   


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Sorry, but Busty Neighbors isn't available.  Bummer. Monique Alexander can be found in many hardcore videos as well as occasional near-mainstream work like:


Film Info

Directed by: Victor Dubanai,

Starring: Monique Alexander,  Keith Phillips (also known as Tyler Finn),  Jon Calderaro, Courtney Simpson

Runtime: 74 min





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